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I am a South African living in Argentina specialised in improving the expantion of foreign countries in this south american country. I did my thesis on the possibilities of improving practical bilateral relations for small and medium sized companies. The Argentine market is not easy to penetrate but once established here companies have opportunities in all the Mercosur Tradeblock countries. Above all Argentina provides a stable and promising social environment for all people wanting to live here and willing to live in this Spanish speaking country. My company is Laurik International. A private consultancy firm located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed by a group of qualified professionals, specialised in international politics, international commerce, property sales, tourism and translation. At Laurik International, our main goal is to help you realise the full potential of your interactions with Argentina and South America by providing an integral consultancy service that will enable you to maximise your effectiveness and get the results you are looking for. We offer our services in English, Afrikaans, French and Spanish.

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